Beatrice has lost something important...
Can her little fortune-tellers help her find it?

Beatrice Taylor is a spirited seventh-grader living outside of Chicago. She has fun-loving friends and a creative hobby making fortune-tellers. However, something Beatrice loves has gone missing. Beatrice seeks the advice and guidance of Emeline Smith, the owner of Beatrice's favorite hot chocolate shop. Can Beatrice come up with a successful plan that combines her imagination with Emeline's business savvy to find what's missing?

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All proceeds from sales of this book are being donated to the non-profit organization Music and Youth Initiative. The mission of Music and Youth Initiative is to bring all the benefits of music education to underserved youth in urban communities in the Boston area. Music and Youth Initiative gives kids the opportunity to build self-confidence while fostering an appreciation for music. Thank you for supporting Music and Youth Initiative!
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