A collection of feminist essays by high school students. Edited by Abby Richmond. All proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Contributors: Rose Bostwick, Alisa Caira, Sophie Chalfin-Jacobs, Clare Donohoe, Seika Ghavidel, Julia Greenblatt, Gabe Jasper, Zoe Jasper, Shanie Kalikow, Sam Kesselman, Zoe Lee, Chloe O'Neil, Madeline Ranalli, Abby Richmond, Maddy Sherbet, Sarah Vernovsky, Cate Waters, Kate West, Sophia Wilcox-Warren, Anonymous

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Planned Parenthood provides critical services and programs related to health care, sex education, and family planning to people all over the country. The organization is frequently under attack by conservative politicians, and already faces defunding under the Trump administration and Republican Congress. Planned Parenthood's reproductive health mission is crucial to the feminist movement, and is one that the contributors to this book feel passionate about. Learn more at www.plannedparenthood.org.